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 This is my present arsenal of slide guitars.                

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

IM003129.JPG (19438 bytes)   I purchased this one from Jim Nadeau of Adams, Mass. It is a 1936 Regal built Dobro squareneck #A2415 with no soundwell. I have the original soft case, picks, bar, and pitchpipe style tuner (low-bass) E-A-E-A-C#-E. It has a lug cone, with a regular length spider.


IM003130.JPG (25581 bytes)

This is a 1987 OMI that I swapped a fellow from Port Jervis, N.Y. a Kay doghouse bass for. The spider had all of the connecting sections cut out. Someones experiment gone wrong I guess. Junior Barber Installed a new spider and bridge inserts, and I have been using it on recording projects. You can hear it on Dick Saylor's CD's

IM003131.JPG (22179 bytes)   Here is an unusual one. It's all blonde. A 1976 OMI that I bought on Ebay from a fellow in Georgia. I had Junior Barber soup it up for me with a Quarterman QC-4 cone, and bridge inserts that are the same as the late Gene Wooten used to use. It is not only pretty, but I think it is a great sounding Axe.
IM003134.JPG (27501 bytes)   Here we have a Mid '60's Dopyera box. It has the old "Deacon Brumfield" sound. I purchased this one from a good friend of mine. I drove to Mass. on New Years eve 1998. to pick it up. We call it "ours" as I let him borrow it every year for a couple of weeks. It has a metal nut and bridge, and custom inlay on the headstock. It looks like a Mosrite, but these era Dobro's were much the same

This Dobro is the one I originally purchased new in 1975. It is well weather worn, and if it could talk, it would have many tales to tell. It has not been altered in any way except filing down the legs of the spider to make them contact the cone evenly . It has the original stamped cone, still glued in from the factory. Even the bridge inserts are original ! I played this Dobro almost exclusively from 1975 to 2005.

  Here is a1935 model 27 Dobro. I had been looking for one of these for a long time. This is identical to the one Oswald played for over 50 years. It has a lug cone, and short spider, and has the sound I have been looking for. Ser. # is 6796. I found this one on Ebay also.

IM003706.JPG (31973 bytes) Here is a Oahu Hawaiian guitar given to me by a man that acquired it from a friend overseas in WW2. I have had it about 25 years. ( I recently returned this one to a family member )


IM003707.JPG (35037 bytes) A 1934 National ser. # E7489. Originally, I believe it was a painted model. Probably brown in color. Someone sanded off the paint for whatever reason. Had this one about 35 years. It has extra light strings on it, so it plays really easy. (same strings that were on it when I bought it from a guy in Granville, N.Y.in the late 70's)
IM003708.JPG (24760 bytes) I don't remember where I got this one. It is an Oahu lap steel. I used it on one break, on one of my recording projects.

Model 27 roundneck #5954. No soundwell. My latest find.




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