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GMB 1983.JPG (54579 bytes)    My first band was formed in 1980 by the Tyminski Bros. and myself. In the beginning we had Doug Green on the doghouse bass, later on we picked up Don Hudson, who is in this picture. Standing L-R Stan Tyminski, Dan Tyminski, and yours truly. I played with them until August 1983. David Bevins replaced me at that time.


Smokey & Boys.JPG (51970 bytes)   Next I joined "Smokey Greene and the Boys" and we played throughout the east and Canada. I stayed until Smokey decided it was getting to be too much to front a whole band. He still can hold an audience spellbound as a single act at the age of 88.  Pictured are myself, Smokey, Brian Jiguere and Don Hudson. We were together from 1984 until 1995.


Back to Basics.JPG (39398 bytes)

  From 1996 until 2005, I played with "Back to Basics" from the Brunswick. Maine area. Standing L-R Bernie Coombs, Gene Groves, Eben Greenleaf. Front, Brian Daniels and Jim Warren. We used the single mike routine, and had a variety of songs including comedy, and original material. Brian has written songs that have been recorded by the Gibson Brothers among others.


Picture 021.jpg (70610 bytes)   This was just a fun thing we all used to do a few times a year. The group was called "Rising Sun" It consisted of L-R, Dave Nicholson on guitar, Lynda Garafalo on upright bass, myself on Dobro, and Rich Steenburn on banjo. Sadly, Dave passed away Feb 1, 2003 after a long struggle with cancer. He is missed a lot. Rich has also passed on.


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Recordings I have participated in through the years

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Early Projects

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Kind of proud of this! (Highlighted text)

My "Tools"



                                                 Letter from Oswald Kirby 1986



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