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               Guest spot with Tenn. Mafia Jug Band. Jenny Brook Festival 2010

With Lee Moore

L-R Tim Farrell, Jim Warren, Howie Dearborn Chickie, and Doc Williams

Me & Josh

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Home away from home

Guard Cat at Hebron Pines,Me.

The Bluegrass Police car

Pat 'n Me at home

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Dave Bevins's Birthday cake

Bluegrass Smurfs Retirement Gift

Dave Nicholson's Birthday cake

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Tom Hammond Junior Barber

Danny Bigness

Yours Truly

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Dick DeNeve & Don Perkins

Neil Britton Dick Blattenberger

With Back to Basics Bluegrass

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 Chad Graves

Gene Wilson John Dopyera Mike Esposito

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Dan Tyminski Jerry Douglas Roger Williams

Ron Mesing

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Mike Webb Mike Mannion

David Bevins

Sky Travis

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1606.jpg (43278 bytes)

Matt Nozzolio

Richie Chaisson

Pammy Davis

Steve Thurston

Mike VanAlstyne

Andy Bing

Mac Petrequin

Leroy Lane

Randy  Rollman

Billy Cardine

Larry Maltz

Bob McEvoy

Tom "Slideman" Flynn

Randy Getz

Tim Graves

Dan Burke


Curt Senecal

Russ Hooper

Larry Robbins

Dennis Gifford Duane Ormsby Earl Garrity Bob Schneider
Kenny Brilhaint Chad Darou Jack Ferguson "Larue"
Ken Shafranko Bob Walters Maggie Anderson Fred Travers
Don Sojka Perley Curtis Lloyd Pillow Ray Packard
Jerry Jean Steve Toth Dave Shaw Kevin Maul
Tom Engleman Bobby Wolfe Brian Haas Dick Staples
Jim Heffernan Louie Zink Barry Calthorpe Dane Carlson


The following is dedicated to the musicians and fans that have gone on.



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